Thursday, April 5, 2007

Kandaiahpillai Parameskumar began to make garlands when he was ten year-old
Garland making has been my passion since my childhood. I learnt it from my parents, and want to continue. It gives me a satisfaction spiritually" says Kandaiahpillai Parameskumar ( 42)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Parameskumar uses fresh flowers, leaves and banana string to make garlands for temple purposes
The whole place smells the fragrance of fresh flowers
Garland making is an art according to Parameskumar
He earns Rs.3,000/= as a daily average income
He makes a garland in two minutes
Flowers are tidily tied to banana string
Garland making is competitive like any other business
He feels blessed to have chosen to be a garland maker to God
His garlands are decorating the idols in the temple including the main shrine called "Moolasthaanam
"Making garlands to God is very sacred. I am privileged to serve the God by making garlands" says Kandaiahpillai Parameskumar
A view of the Munneswaram temple at crack of dawn